The Cattery


Under our Cattery name ”Mira Shanti” we are involved in the breeding  Sacred Birmans since 2014. Before that we always had cats living with us but they were not pedigree cats. When we visited some cat shows we were caught by the charms of the Sacred Birman, their beautiful appearance, the silky coat, the enchanting eyes and not in the least the very social character.

3 long years we were dreaming about our Sacred Birman. And in autumn 2014 we had a great opportunity to get our first fantastic Birman Lady RausHöjden’s Satheja af Raus from famous Swedish Cattery Raus Höjden. We are very happy with our sweet girl. Thank you dear Lena Ekström for this charming girl!


*All our cats are free to move around the house, all doors are always open.


Sacred Birman Cattery