Here an interview from one of the web social media resource where Mira Shanti Birmans Cattery was invited:
Sacred Birman cat is a unique rare breed. This breed represent a pure cat’s perfection. Birman cat has an unique charm and intelligence, IQ of these cats is superior to the average for cats. Every time the kittens are born in the nursery of Mira Shanti, the inhabitants of Moldova and Transnistria have a real chance to get acquainted with this miracle closer and get a kitten.

Sacred Birma is enveloped in the auraof mystery. There are a lot of legends about the origin of this breed. They all talk about Birma’s living in temples, about their courage, mind and devotion. Birma is chosen by true connoisseurs of beauty and uniqueness. The cat’s softness and grace, the dog’s dedication miraculously combined in Sacred Birman cats. The stars also did not ignore this breed. An exclusive cat was at the star of the world cinema Romy Schneider, and Karl Lagerfeld dedicates whole collections to the cat Shuppet.


Birman cat is distinguished by bright, blue eyes and white “socks”, as well as the color of color-point. This cat needs to be seen with your own eyes, as the photo does not convey that amazing fascination of the breed. The shade of the fur coat is pearly, barely perceptible, the blue look of clever eyes, absolutely everything in this cat is enchanting and beckoning. Semi-long hair, pleasant for touching, tender, silky and smells like the sun.

The Sacred Birman cat is an easy-going character. It wears toys, understands the owner with a half-word-half-glance. Likes to talk. Does not impose its own society, but if invited – will play with pleasure. It is very good for loneliness, which is a big plus for working masters.

Now in the Cattery Mira Shanti there is only one available Sacred Birman kitten. It is ready to move to another home for permanent residence. The kitten has a veterinary passport and a pedigree, as befits a kitten from a good Cattery. Usually, kittens can move to a new house not earlier than 3-4 months, they are given all the necessary vaccinations as children. The minimum age allowed may be more, depending on the country but usually starting from 14 weeks.

Breeding of the Sacred Birman in our family style cattery is the very serious, ambitious project and requires considerable investments, which, of course, brings positive results. “Our cats always take prizes at exhibitions,” says the owner of the Cattery Janna Shilonosova. “In Odessa our cat took the first place not only in its breed, but among all thoroughbred cats at the exhibition. Our first breeding birmans came from famous Cattery Raus Hojdens from Sweden (breeder Lena Erkstrom). In general, two cats from Sweden and one from Italy (Della Valle Bianca Cattery) were introduced to the Mira Shanti Cattery at the early beginning of our breeding adventure.

All our pets correspond to the high quality of the breed and all the good health.  We do make genetic tests as well and ultrasound heart check.

Having seen Sacred Birman cats once, many can not resist their charm. Birman cat conquers the chosen hearts once and for all.

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